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Flats and houses for sale or rent in Canary Islands


Ref: 0731-007390061. Promotion of 12 floors of work new in the area of the scrubland that is located in the municipality of the port of the Rosario-island of Fuerteventura...

What is the weather in Spain?

Spain, one of the warmest European countries:
The climate that prevails in Spain is temperate Mediterranean, which leads to dry summers and winters with balanced temperatures. In Spain, you can enjoy more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. It is not strange, therefore, that this area is one of the warmest in Europe.
In this regard, notably the Canary Islands. Its peculiar location off the African coast leads to the existence of a benign climate of mild temperatures (22 ° C annual average on the coasts), without large seasonal differences between the day and night.
However, the variety is the main feature of our climate, because of the great geographical diversity of Spain.
So, if you travel to the North, the Cantabrian, will find a warm, humid climate, which allows you to enjoy mild winters and summers that rarely exceed 25 ° C.
Also, in areas of highest altitude in the country, the climate becomes strict and the presence of snow is frequent from the first beginning of winter until the end of the spring. It is the case of Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, Central systems and Iberian and Cantabrian mountains, among others.+

Puerto del Rosario

from 51.000 €
sup. from 50 m²
hab. from 2

Ref: 0731-006003578. +


from 58.600 €
sup. from 56 m²
hab. from 2

Ref: 0539. Puerto del Rosario to welcome visitors arriving in the island of Fuerteventura, meeting a young municipality, which has managed to combine and keep their administrative and residential development with tourism in tune and the care of the environment, giving an identity to a modern city and meeting.

Puerto del Rosario municipality stretches from the East Coast to the West of the island of Fuerteventura, limiting to the North with the municipality of la Oliva and to the South with the Betancuria and Antigua, while the emerging and the West its coasts are bathed by the Atlantic. Its population is around 40,000 inhabitants and their economic activity is mainly based on tourism, trade and industry services.

Administrative capital of the island, headquarters of large number of services, cultural reference and entertainment, with an intense annual programming, shopping centre par excellence and leading from the point of view of business and business location, which is added to be central connectivity and the proximity to the main tourist places, are some of the many aspects that define Puerto del Rosario as a destination.
In the municipality we can find a variety of facilities for the enjoyment of the performing and Visual Arts, as well as a wide range of museums and cultural, ethnographic museums and interpretation centres.

We have a valuable historical heritage, starting with the different churches and hermitages declared property of Cultural interest, mostly spread through the villages and payments, where you can also find many examples of traditional architecture.

To this must be added the large number of molinas and Mills, gradually restored, and lime kilns, both representative elements of our history and culture, and which can be found at numerous locations.

Puerto del Rosario

from 45.000 €
sup. from 46 m²
hab. from 1

Ref: UR 0731-073107964. Apartment for sale in Gran Tarajal. Spacious homes with 2 and 4 bedrooms with 1 or 2 bathrooms with bathtub, kitchenette furnished and semiequipada, or independent broad. The bedrooms have fitted wardrobes covered. the bathroom with bathtub and ventilated. Also the building has elevator. The parking place which is sold in conjunction with the housing... Located in a very central area close to the business and school...+


from 81.900 €
sup. from 70 m²
hab. from 2

Ref: 385. Large flats new of 73 m2 constructed and distributed in living room with separate kitchen, large bathroom with shower, 2 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes and parquet floors, also has available a laundry room in the private roof terrace and a parking place with storage room in the basement... Located in a very quiet area and close to the shopping centre the rotundas.+

Puerto del Rosario

from 95.000 €
sup. from 73 m²
hab. from 2

Ref: 0731-006026706. The promotion is located in the District of Fabelo in a central area of the capital of Puerto del Rosario. The housing available for sale are 2 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms with 1 or 2 bathrooms.
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Information about Fuerteventura

The semi-deserted island of Fuerteventura is located just 100 km off the coast of Africa (near the border between Morocco and the Western Sahara). It enjoys an almost perfect climate, with average monthly temperatures ranging from 17 ° C in January and 25 ° C in August.

Fuerteventura is the longest island in the archipelago with 98 km from North to South, and the second largest after Tenerife. The barren and arid interior of the island is very similar to the African residents of Morocco and Western Sahara, including the scarce rainfall, Rocky desert landscape (the temperatures of these rocks can reach 67 ° C on a hot day) and simple villages of white houses.

Fuerteventura the most noteworthy are its beaches with more than 50 km of fantastic white and golden sands. Despite the tourism which is a phenomenon relatively recent, the island has developed infrastructure with golf course, a Zoo, a water park and several marine excursions. If you want a little more activity, the island offers practices of Surfing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing areas, as well as the practice of fishing.

If you really want to not complicate your life (as says the famous Spanish expression) then the miles of white sands for perfect output, although in high season you must make effort to find a place withdrawn for you only.

In short, there is much for families, young people and sports enthusiasts alike.+

Puerto del Rosario

from 58.600 €
sup. from 68 m²
hab. from 2

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